Weyland Industries is part of the Weyland Corporation founded by Sir Peter Weyland. It boasts the most advanced, innovative, efficient and intelligent technology products in the fields of lasers, nanotechnology and microfabrication. Weyland controls mines across the galaxy and uses only the most advanced rare materials extracted from those. Those are worked by nobel-prize scientists and electrical engineers on Gliese 581 and all innovations are tested at the New Products Testbed facilities at Henri Gaston.

Weyland also boasts:

  • Bio-sensors that detect trace amounts of toxic contaminants, making workplaces safer.
  • FTT (Faster-Than-Thought) devices and holographic controls that facilitate scientific research.
  • Micron-sized platinum-doped laser position sensors to make every product smaller, lighter and faster.

It employs over 800 million citizens.

Products from the energy sector (power plants, engines and batteries) power billions of facilities on Earth and its 63 colonies

In 2072 WI consolidated all products and solutions into seven fields: health, transportation, energy, electronics, terraforming, security and cybernetics.