Biological information
Homeworld LV223
Physical description
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Skin colour Sand yellowish/green
Distinctions Alien Attributes
Equipment None
Additional information
Rank N/A
Location Escape Craft
Affiliation LV223 Inhabitant
Notable None
Other Names None

A Trilobite is an Alien creature created in a Med Lab on Prometheus. This creature grew from an alien removed from Shaw, created from some of the black liquid held in urns drank by Holloway and after he and Shaw spent a night together, the creature developed quickly into an adult Trilobite and shared a resemblance with a Facehugger.

This creature developed unchecked in a Med Lab aboard Prometheus and as Prometheus was set on a collision with the Derelict, the Trilobite was ejected along with the Escape Craft landing safely on the surface.

As the Escape Craft landed Shaw went their for supplies, and as she was there discovered the now adult Trilobite still in the Med Lab. The Last Engineer from the Derelict appeared having followed her aboard the craft, and as he did, Shaw opened the door of the Med Lab releasing the Trilobite. It grabbed and subdued the Engineer impreganting it and shortly after the Deacon emerged.