USCSS Prometheus

PROMETHEUS - (Draft) - An original screenplay by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof - 20th Century Fox - Stephen Blairson C.E.O 

We open on total darkness.


MAN'S VOICE In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty

The OPEN shot is that of SPACE. We see a massive epic DARK NEBULA and a series of small and large scale stars riddled all around and within the Nebula. (see Scott's sketches for more details)  Our VIEW PANS to the right and in our journey two small Pluto sized orbiting Planetoids pass our VIEW and coming into view is a large Orange/Pinkish coloured Saturn type planet. As we PAN further RIGHT we are now looking at another planetoid and watch as a large Flying saucer space craft approaches this planetoid (later known as Zeus) 


The landscape is rugged, volcanic, baron, mountainous and Primordial. Violent wind storms rage through the scenery and the wind itself has a violent, angry and unforgiven sound. The large spacecraft hovers overhead. The flying saucer type craft is weird and Alien in design. (see Scott's sketches for more details) Attached to the top of the craft are two 'U' shaped objects which face each other. As the hovering Craft stops its movements a hatch at the bottom of the craft opens and a large thick blinding laser beam shoots out and the powerful beam penetrates the rocky surface. We then cut to total BLACKNESS.



And God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear." And it was so. 


We are looking up at the mountainous terrain from the rocky primordial surface. Our view PANS to the right and we are faced with a large leathery URN. As we PAN further to the right we can see a small stream of water like Liquid moving through the ground passing us and then we CUT to total DARKNESS. 


MAN'S VOICE And the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters and god said "let there be light," and there was light. 


There is now an ATMOSPHERE and even thick dense CLOUD formations. We are looking at a massive WATERFALL and the large SPACECRAFT hovers overhead. We again cut to TOTAL DARKNESS.


MAN'S VOICE At first there was the sun and the sun said "I'm all alone. I have no one to shine down on" so it created man.


In our VIEW is a towering CATHEDRAL. We then PAN to the right and are now facing a more strange object. This towering 'U' shaped object is standing up right with it's two ARMS touching the ground and it's body facing the sky. Purplish flame, smoke and sparks explode out of the several large holes at the bottom of the body whilst a large thick blinding beam of light shoots out from the top of the body. The beam reaches out and beyond the sky.


The bright blinding beam shoots out of the PLANETOIDS dense cloudy atmosphere and reaches far into space. We cut to TOTAL DARKNESS



MALE VOICE God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.



A little EIGHT year old dark haired girl lying under her bed covers looks up at her FATHER whom sits at the edge of the bed. Her FATHER; a man in his late thirties closes the BIBLE he holds in his hands.

FATHER And that's enough for tonight. We'll continue tomorrow. Time for sleep

GIRL Is mummy in heaven? 

FATHER Of course she is. Now Elizabeth when you get older your going to hear a lot of bad things about me but I want you to remember I did everything for you and you're future. I have to go now and we won't see each other for a while. But Mrs Bateman will take care of you while I'm away

ELIZABETH I don't want you to go Daddy

FATHER We'll be together again baby I promise. Now give me a kiss goodbye

The father and daughter kiss as a woman stands at the doorway. The father stands up and walks toward her and nods. She walks over to ELIZABETH. 


FATHER What is it baby?

ELIZABETH Will I ever meet god?

FATHER One day you will Elizabeth, one day you will.

The FATHER walks out of the room. ELIZABETH crawls over to the window and outside she can see the main door of the house open and her father stepping outside where four uniformed armed men wait. One of the men's distant voices can be heard. 

MAN Mr Shaw you are under arrest for the suspected bombing of the Weyland corporation Earth HQ.

Two of the four armed men grab Mr Shaw and drag him away ELIZABETH rushes past the woman and out of the room.

WOMAN Elizabeth wait!


ELIZABETH runs out of the house and into the sun baked farmland. Crop fields surround the farm house. Not far from the house is a large 800 foot futuristic robotic crop duster drives through the crops with it's tank like tires. The sky looks polluted. (See Scott's sketches for more details) SHAW is being led by the four men to a vehicle which reads 'Weyland Police Force. Building safer communities' The woman runs out of the house and grabs ELIZABETH and holds her back.

ELIZABETH Daddy please don't go. Please. Please daddy! Don't go!


We are looking down on SHAW whom is still asleep. She is lying inside a capsule which is bright Yellow from the capsules lights. She is naked and her facial expression is pleading, frowned and tense. A hand reaches down and shrugs her.  SHAW awakes, startled and begins shaking and looking around in confusion. DAVID looks at her with his bright yellow goggles as if he is curiously studying her emotions.

DAVID Miss Shaw?

SHAW Where am I?

DAVID On board the Prometheus. My name is David, I'm the ships Science officer

DAVID looks at the monitor next to her capsule which shows a full body scan of SHAW and then  DAVID leaves the sweaty gasping and shocked SHAW and walks over to a control manual in the centre of the room. He types in a series of commands and within seconds thirteen other cryogenic capsules open and the room is quickly illuminated yellow.    There is now a series of moans, groans and shocked whimpering that comes from the opened capsules.  In a series of CUT SHOTS we see the naked bodies and weary faces of each of the startled men and women inside the capsules. However one of the crew members: MEREDITH VICKERS is the only one of them not frowning. She stares at the ceiling in a sinister INCIDEOUS silence. We then CUT TO DARKNESS



Eight men stand in a line in the corridor; each of them talking to each other about regular everyday things. Along the left side of the corridor are windows looking into the sickbay where MUDOW and SHAW are sitting opposite each other. The only people not PRESENT are DAVID and VICKERS.


SHAW is sitting at the edge of the examination table as MUDOW examines her. 

MUDOW First time?

SHAW nods her head. She is pale and sick looking.

MUDOW Well for the next several hours you'll be feeling a constant sense of hunger, dehydration, weakness in your joints and limbs and a mind grain worse than the biggest hangover you'll ever encounter. Well good news. You're blood has reprocessed and replaced all of the chilled feline solution in your body. Oh and I'm Imora Mudow By the way. I'm the ships medical officer. We left Earth in such a hurry I didn't get to know anyone

SHAW  Elizabeth Shaw. 

MUDOW  So what brought you on this little adventure?

SHAW  I'm an Archaeologist along with Holloway outside. We were digging up ruins on a site in Tibet when Weyland asked us to examine ruins on some lifeless planet they found. It was all rushed.

MUDOW I hope it's worth all the money the company invested on this mission. 

SHAW  So do you work for Weyland?

MUDOW That's right, eleven years. 

SHAW It's a nice ship, looks fancy

MUDOW It should be. It's the first ever ship to have been fitted with FTI speed technology. 

SHAW  Seems like an expensive ship

MUDOW You kidding me? Weyland spent most of it's budget and profits on those Master-class star freighters. There's trillions to be made on collecting Millions of tons of ore


DAVID sits quietly in a quiet trance at the table but looks up as VICKERS enters dressed in a white robe. On the wall behind DAVID is a large poster which shows the ship PROMETHEUS and the sentence "Weyland launches the FTI fitted Prometheus star ship on it's 50th anniversary" written on it. She sits at the table and places a cigarette packer and lighter on the table. She takes out and lights a cigarette and leans back as she relaxes. A small tube descends from the ceiling and absorbs the smoke from the cigarette. She looks over at an emotionless DAVID.

VICKERS You don't talk much do you?

DAVID I talk when I'm asked a question Miss Vickers

VICKERS So you're the ships Science officer huh?

DAVID That's right

DAVID stares at the palm of his hand which has been cut. White fluid drips from the wound.

VICKERS Does it hurt?

DAVID I don't feel pain

VICKERS I've always wondered what goes on inside the head of a synthetic

DAVID I too have wondered what it would be like to see what's inside the head of a human. But I think even that would frighten a synthetic


Both CHANCE and RAVEL; both dressed in white robes sit by their control seats. The door opens and JANEK walks in. Both CHANCE and RAVEL stand up and salute.

JANEK This ain't the military guys. What's our status?

CHANCE Everything's operational. No problems at all. Oxygen at 100 per cent and we're right on course 

JANEK Good. Before we do anything else let's go grab something to eat. I don't know about you lot but I'm starving


SHAW walks past the cue of recently awaken passengers but stops when she comes across a smiling HOLLOWAY. 

HOLLOWAY How did it go?

SHAW  Not bad, How are you feeling?

HOLLOWAY Like I have a massive hangover

SHAW  Any regrets accepting my offer to come along?

HOLLOWAY How could I? It's a chance of a life time. I always wanted to go into space ever since I was little. 


Everyone apart from DAVID are all in the Mess Hall eating the weird jelly like substances and Corn bread. SHAW is sitting next to both MUDOW and HOLLOWAY. She notices Vickers; now wearing a suit is sitting in a corner away from the table. 

SHAW Who is she?

MUDOW  Meredith Vickers. She's a company suit sent here to make sure all of our actions are in the Companies best interests. Janek might be in charge of the ship but Vickers can end all of our contracts just by blinking.

JANEK stands up and hits is spoon off his steel cup. Everyone stops chatting and looks up at him.

JANEK Can I have everyone's attention please. Captain speaking. Now this mission was kinda rushed so I didn't get to know everyone too good so if you'll indulge me I'll try and break the Ice. Now we all know that on the year 2042 the Voyager 3 programme flew past this star system and on 2069 the images arrived at the Hubble 2 and those pictures were of a small planetoid named Zeus and The pictures showed what looked like the Nazca lines. It may be nothing but Weyland spent a large amount of money on this hunch so that's why were all on this little trip. I'll start with the crew. There's me, Captain Janek and over here we have First officer Mudow, she'll tend to any medical related problems and if any of you have problems wetting the bed at night.

There are laughs from the group.

JANEK  Our two lazy mechanics Ray and Joshua who I'm told are geniuses with a couple of wrenches and duck tape. Over here is my trusty pilot Ravel. He's flown every kind of ship there is including an M-Class star freighter. And meet my young handsome Navigator Chance. He's the best navigator there is but still has trouble finding the clitoris.

There are more laughs.

MUDOW You can say that again 

JANEK Weyland has sent us the best of the best of Astrology and science, Dr Milburn and Dr Fifield. Archaeologists  Miss Shaw and Mr Holloway. Science officer David whom I'm told is flawless and I truly hope that's true. Then we have Miss Vickers. To explain her role here on this mission, let me explain. If we're bankers then Miss Vickers would be the bank. So If we do uncover alien ruins then we my friends will make history. I'm going to recite a famous line from a famous man. This is one small step for. . . 

EVERYONE  Man and one giant leap for mankind

JANEK nods his head toward both CHANCE and RAVEL before walking toward the exit. CHANCE and RAVEL quickly follow him. All three are watched and scrutinised by VICKERS.


JANEK leads both CHANCE and RAVEL through the very narrow and CLAUSTROPHOBIC white corridor. JANEK stands at the door and presses his hand against the panel. The door which has WEYLAND written on it opens. All three men enter the control room.


The three men get in their regular positions. CHANCE is seated at the navigation system whilst RAVEL is seated at the pilot control system. JANEK is seated next to RAVEL and looks straight forward at a large blast shutter. 

JANEK Chance where are we from destination?

CHANCE We're definitely in the Zeta 2 Reticuli star system and we should be directly 200 miles from Zeus. 

JANEK Ravel open the shutters. I wanna see this Bastard

RAVEL Sir the sun's still in our direction

VICKERS stands at the doorway unknown to the three men. She then walks over and stands behind JANEK.      VICKERS Are we near the planet yet?

JANEK jumps with a fright. He sighs and shakes his head.

JANEK We're close, real close

VICKERS Open the shutters I wanna see it

JANEK We Can't right now

VICKERS Why is that?

JANEK Because we're facing the sun. Listen is there anything I can do for you?

VICKERS No nothing. I'm just checking up on things. Making sure the companies dollar isn't going to waste

JANEK Well ma'am you picked the right crew

VICKERS I hope so. Let me know when we're in position

JANEK Yes ma'am


RAY and JOSHUA walk through the corridor chatting to one another and occasionally stop and flick switches. The sound of steam and the hissing of gas can be heard. 

RAY Hey Joshua?

JOSHUA Yeah Ray what is it man?

RAY Have we really been out for five years?

JOSHUA Hard to believe huh?

RAY Forty light years in five years. Damn that gotta be some kind of record. What the hell makes this thing go so fast anyway?


RAY What's FTI?

JOSHUA Faster than Light. After those big boys at CERN created antimatter WEYLAND took it over and they developed antimatter into a fuel source. That's what's powering this ship and that's what's giving us gravity. Think of it like this. The Earth and other planet's with gravity have cores which creates gravity. Well the antimatter is the ships core

RAY You know a lot for a mechanical engineer

JOSHUA Knowing the simple details in life make the bigger picture more clear 

RAY I don't know man. But what I do know is I'd like to give that Archaeologist chick a piece of my core

JOSHUA I wouldn't count on it apparently she's Roman Catholic

RAY Really? Shit, I didn't know they still existed

JOSHUA Yeah I know right? Science today pretty much debunks everything the bible says


HOLLOWAY stands in the room smirking. It's clean and polished. There is a small square window but it is closed with a protective shutter. Suddenly his metallic door opens vertically and SHAW enters.

SHAW How are you liking you're room?

HOLLOWAY  It's cool huh? I love how this ship has rooms for each of the crew. Pretty classy huh. Just like a cruise

SHAW It's roomy

HOLLOWAY Needs a room-mate though. You up for the job?

SHAW smiles, then bows her head in shyness. 

SHAW You haven't even taken a shower

HOLLOWAY Yeah you're right. It has been five years

SHAW It sure has

HOLLOWAY approaches SHAW.

HOLLOWAY Elizabeth I wanted to tell you something back on Earth but I don't know how to say it

SHAW Spit it out?

HOLLOWAY  I've always. . . 

MUDOW appears at the doorway.

MUDOW Okay guys it's time. Follow me


CHANCE, RAVEL and JANEK are in their positions  and VICKERS standing behind them. Everyone is now wearing tight blue suits with the WEYLAND logo embedded on them except JANEK whom is wearing civilian clothes.  

JANEK Okay guys moment of truth. Ravel open the shutters

RAVEL activates the shutters. Everyone faces forward as the large gold metallic shutters vertically raises revealing a window. As the shutters raise we can see the shape and form of the planet Zeus and it's massive planet that Zeus orbits.   (See Scott's Sketches for more detail)

JANEK Ladies and gentlemen I give you the planet Zeus 

FIFIELD Man look at those cloud formations. 

RAVEL  Sir the computer has analysed the planet's status


RAVEL It has gravity identical to Earth's and has oxygen but it's too dense to breathe in. There seems to be a small Ocean and looks like it's still expanding. The cloud formations are full of Sulphuric acid and the terrain seems almost primordial. Looks like the god damn Himalayas down there.    JANEK Okay take us down. Miss Vickers, if you wouldn't mind making you're way to the passenger room


(See Scott's Sketch for more details)

There is fifteen chairs. SHAW, HOLLOWAY, RAY, JOSHUA, DAVID, MUDOW, MILBURN and FIFIELD are strapped to the chairs. VICKERS walks in and takes a seat. She straps herself in. 


(See Scott's sketches for more details) The PROMETHEUS turns slightly as it approaches the PLANET ZEUS'S swirling cloudy Lightening atmosphere. The four large towering engines on the PROMETHEUS unleash a strong powerful engine vapour as it speeds into the PLANET. 


VICKERS, JANEK, CHANCE, RAVEL, MILBURN and FIFIELD are strapped to their chairs. RAVEL activates a switch which then closes the window's protective shutters. Both RAVEL and CHANCE then navigate the flight by staring into a large flat screen monitor which shows thermal imaging of the flight into the PLANET. 


The ship then enters the planet's atmosphere and is quickly surrounded by burning heat. The ship now descends into the PLANET like a fireball. 


Everyone and everything is now shaking due to turbulence. The protective shutters are now bright red.  


as everyone closes their eyes as the strong turbulence shakes them, ELIZABETH begins whimpering. HOLLOWAY reaches out and grabs her hand.


The large craft speeds through the Atmosphere it is still engulfed in a fireball. As it speeds down the fire fades and the brightly lit craft.


Suddenly the shaking stops and the shutters begins to go back to it's normal grey color.

CHANCE That's us in sir

JANEK Open the shutters

RAVEL activates a button which opens the shutters.  They can now see the cloudy, grim mountainous landscape. Through the large 250 inch windscreen a mountain taller than Mount Everest can be seen getting closer.


CHANCE Ravel move this fucker!

RAVEL I'm trying


The PROMETHEUS pulls up missing the mountain by only a hundred or so yards. The ship then passes it and then starts speeding down the other side of the mountain. It is speeding through the dense clouds. The PROMETHEUS leaves a long chem trail behind as it speeds down toward the PLANET'S surface toward the Himalayas type mountainous landscape. 


JANEK Ravel you're going too fast! Slow down!

RAVEL I'm trying to!

RAVEL yells as he pulls back his flight stick.


The ship then speeds through the middle of these towering canyons of mountains.  We now have a P.O.V of the ships journey. We are speeding in between towering canyons at a highly dangerous and fast speed. Suddenly there is a DEAD END. We are heading for the face of another large mountain. 


JANEK Ravel?

RAVEL I know

JANEK Jesus!


As the PROMETHEUS speeds toward the face of the mountain a hole can be seen on the mountain.  As we again looks through the ships P.O.V we now head directly toward this hole and enter in a matter of seconds. We are speeding through this narrow cave complex and a small dot of light can be seen in the dark distance. As we get closer and closer the dot of light gets bigger and bigger and eventually we enter it.   We are now outside the back of the mountain and we are no longer facing any mountains and but only clouds. A birds eye view of the ship reveals it is 20,000 feet above the rocky ground surface. We can see large strange MURALS of patterns much like the NAZCA lines. 


JANEK Are we close?

JANEK Just a mile from destination. Engines are slowing down sir

JANEK Okay take us down nice and slow


The PROMETHEUS slows down and it's engines change direction and stops completely.  The ship's engines are now vertical and it begins to land toward the rocky surface. The engine's create a sand storm below as it lands. Large landing gears arrive from the engines and lands the ship gently to the surface. The ship is sitting directly on top a large Nazca like path. The engines slowly die out and eventually stop. Surrounding the PROMETHEUS is a mine field of sharp weird cone shaped rocks. 


Everyone is quiet as they all stare out at the terrain.

JANEK I need a damn raise!


MUDOW We're here. Is everyone okay?

HOLLOWAY A little jet lagged

MUDOW Shaw are you okay?

SHAW  I'm fine

MILBURN I wanna see this!

MILBURN and FIFIELD unstrap themselves.


MILBURN and FIFIELD enter the room and not far behind is everyone else. All thirteen lean closer and stare out the windscreen. 

MILBURN Out of all the alien worlds we've come across this is the most Earth like

FIFIELD So this is Zeus

JANEK What now?

SHAW What is that?


SHAW In the distance?

JANEK I can't see anything

RAVEL Looks like some sort of mountain

JANEK Chance. Bring it up on the monitor and zoom in on it

CHANCE typed several commands into his controls and a 42inch monitor rises in front of the windscreen.


A small hatch opens and a telescope type mechanism rises. 


The large monitor shows what the telescopic device is seeing. 

JANEK Zoom in

CHANCE types a command into the controls and we can see the vision on the monitor zoom in on what appears to be a large towering dome shape structure.

JANEK It's just a damn mountain

VICKERS What's that at the top?

The vision zooms into the top of the structure and a large hole can bee seen.

DAVID Looks like a cave of some sort

MILBURN We'll need a damn big ladder to get up there

JANEK I think it's best to stay inside for a while

VICKERS That's a negative Captain. We have to investigate. That's why were here

CHANCE You wont need ladders



The vision shows a more closer image of the structure and what looks like a zigzag type staircase starting from the bottom to the cave entrance.

VICKERS How much daylight do we have?

CHANCE It's hard to say. The computer cant answer that

VICKERS Why the hell not? This ship has the technology to find out, even on alien worlds

CHANCE I'm telling you the computer doesn't know. It's reading like there isn't even daylight

VICKERS Well that doesn't matter. So who's going out?

DAVID I volunteer


FIFIELD Count me in

SHAW I guess we don't much of a choice

SHAW looks at HOLLOWAY and he shrugs.

JANEK Mudow I want you with them just in case

VICKERS I'm staying here

JANEK But this is your mission

VICKERS I have some things I need to take care of. Like contacting Weyland

JANEK Then it's settled. Chance? Ray? Joshua? You guys are the designated drivers

RAY Why us?


JANEK Because your the only ones with experience and training to drive the rovers

VICKERS Okay then it's sorted. I want you guys to get prepped and ready to leave in an hour. Let's get moving people


SHAW, MILBURN, FIFIELD, HOLLOWAY, MUDOW, RAY, DAVID, JOSHUA and CHANCE are dressed in their Chrysler suits and wearing their helmets. On the wall next to each other are fourteen Sarcophagus type capsules on the wall. The group of nine climb into the capsules and press a button and see through lids close locking them into the capsules. RAY presses and holds a button on his collar and speaks.

RAY Lower the Cargo Bay

JANEK Lowering!


The belly of the ship opens and the Cargo Bay is lowered and touches down on the ground.


The group of nine now standing outside their capsules begin walking up the white corridors toward a door at the far end. 


(See Scott's sketches for more details) A door opens and the group of nine enter the large Cargo Bay. There are two APC type vehicles 'Rovers' and 2 two seater Buggy type vehicles. 

RAY Right who's taking what and who's taking whom?

CHANCE I'm driving the Rover. Who's coming with me?

DAVID I'll join you

MUDOW I'm with David. We'll take Shaw and Holloway

RAY I'll take Milburn on my Buggy. Joshua you take Fifield


SHAW is in the back sitting next to MUDOW and sitting across from MUDOW are DAVID and HOLLOWAY. A large bag sits in between MUDOW and SHAW. SHAW looks through into the cockpit where CHANCE sits at the controls. 


The three vehicles wait as the large door in front of them opens revealing the epic scenery of this ALIEN world. 


The Cargo Bay door has now fully opened and has become a ramp for the three vehicles which are now driving over. The three vehicles are now driving over the finely flattened path and drive past our sight leaving behind the twirling dust trail.


VICKERS is standing over JANEK.

JANEK I'm curious Miss Vickers

VICKERS Please explain?

JANEK Why Weyland would send you with us on this mission

VICKERS Why is that?

JANEK To keep tabs on us in case we fail

VICKERS I'm not here for that Mr Janek

JANEK Then why are you here?

VICKERS I'm here in case you succeed


This large structure is dome shaped and has very peculiar patterns and shapes. (See both Scott's sketch inspired by a drawing by HR Giger for DUNE which wasn't used in the film) It is two hundred feet in height. The three vehicles approach it's base.  The Rover and the two buggy's stop and the crew on the Buggy's exit their vehicles. The Rovers back door opens and it's crew exit. The group of nine stand together at the bottom of this structure. DAVID approaches the Zigzag type staircase and it is REVEALED to be actual large stairs.

DAVID This doesn't look indigenous


JANEK, VICKERS and RAVEL are looking at the large monitor which is showing live footage of what each of the crew members are looking.

VICKERS Keep going


DAVID leads FIFIELD, MILBURN, MUDOW, SHAW and HOLLOWAY up the zigzag staircase.

CHANCE We'll wait here for you guys

FIFIELD looks down at them and laughs.

FIFIELD Scared in case any green little men steal your wheels?


The group arrive at the large cave entrance. They then enter through the darkness. Each person who enters; their Chrysler suits wires and panels begin glowing in the dark. 


All six of them have their flash lights scanning the walls, floor and ceiling. The cave is pure rock but on the wall to their right is a large metallic pipe. MILBURN studies it with confusion.

MILLBURN Correct me if I'm wrong but this looks metallic. Almost like a pipe or some sort

FIFIELD Let's just keep going

SHAW looks down at the ground. The ground is riddled with golden/silvery glittery trails. 

HOLLOWAY Follow the yellow brick road

Suddenly MILBRURN stops as he comes face to face with a blanket of red laser. The other five join him and they all look puzzled at the sheet of laser. 

HOLLOWAY What is that?

DAVID Use the bag

HOLLOWAY tosses the empty bag at the sheet of red laser and the bag harmlessly passes through it.

DAVID Any volunteers would be helpful

FIFIELD The hell with it

FIFIELD walks through it and stops at the other end and turns around and shrugs his shoulders. The others stare at each other for a moment before walking through it. A glowing bulb appears on the ceiling and a red laser shoots from it and scans the crew members before disappearing. 

SHAW What was that?

FIFIELD Come on. We've already gone this far


JANEK, VICKERS and RAVEL watch the footage the group are recording via their attached cam corders. Suddenly the footage disappears.

JANEK Mudow, Chance do you read me? Come in over?

RAVEL They can't hear you

JANEK Why the hell not?

RAVEL I don't know. The transmission's jammed 

JANEK Shit. I don't like this at all!


The entire surroundings an details of this room is invisible due to the darkness. Suddenly there is light from what appears to be a mechanical panel with strange buttons, markings and symbols. Four large Sarcophagus's rise and they are illuminated with different colours. The Sarcophagus opens and a green illuminous liquid pours out of it.


DAVID stops and looks at the mechanical bracelet and then looks up in shock.


Everyone stops and faces him.

DAVID There's oxygen. I believe it's breathable

Everyone looks at their devices and then SHAW is the first to reach for the small lever on her egg shaped helmet. HOLLOWAY reaches out to stop her.

HOLLOWAY No don't!

SHAW It's called faith Holloway. Try it

SHAW pulls the lever and lifts the helmet off from her shoulders. Her eyes and mouth are closed but she then opens her eyes and takes in breath. 

SHAW  My god David's right. I can breathe. How is this possible?

DAVID My guess is that protective layer of mist or laser was keeping the oxygen trapped inside.

HOLLOWAY okay I don't think we should go any further

FIFIELD And why is that?

DAVID I agree with Mr Holloway. We are walking into something we just simply don't understand 

FIFIELD Look this is the first time the human race has ever found signs of Extraterrestrial life. We'll head back if we're sure there is risk of life

The group continue walking and then come across a dead; a large metallic DOOR. A large pipe is next to the door. 

SHAW It looks like a door

FIFIELD No shit. Find a way to open it

MUDOW and SHAW approach the door and then kneel down to examine the pipe next to it. DAVID notices something on the wall and climbs up the pipes and finds a lever on the wall and pulls it. The large door then opens vertically and an explosion of oxygen and steam escapes from behind the door engulfing both MUDOW and SHAW.  FIFIELD, MILBURN, MUDOW and DAVID are the first to enter. HOLLOWAY helps SHAW and both of them enter through the doorway.


HOLLOWAY and SHAW enter. MILBURN drops the empty large bag and continues to the other end of this very dark room. HOLLOWAY and SHAW look around and then study the strange markings on the floor which leads to a large hole. DAVID passes them and looks back at the doorway and studies the hieroglyphics and symbols written around the doorway.

DAVID Miss Shaw? What do you make of these?


JANEK sits at his chair and stares at the large holographic monitor in front of him which shows the live footage shot by the groups shoulder cams. VICKERS stands behind him and watches also. The voices of the group can also be heard.

SHAW They look like ancient Egyptian or Sumerian hieroglyphs or something 


A thin but strong wire has been tied around one of the many cone shapes rocks and the rest of the long wire is carried by FIFIELD who takes it to the edge of the hole and drops it in. MILBURN, whom is standing next to the hole drops a flare. We see the flare dropping quite some distance. 

MILBURN Any volunteers?

DAVID I'll go

MILBURN You? You're not going human on us are you?

DAVID No. If I did then I'd be cowering in a corner

DAVID leans down the hole and begins to zip down.  


DAVID reaches the bottom and waits as SHAW and MUDDOW zip down. DAVID helps them gain their balance.  DAVID, MUDOW and SHAW are now in this large pitch black area with HOLLOWAY slowly descending above via the zip wire.  DAVID moves further through the area.    As DAVID continued to walk forward his feet gets caught and he trips and falls. MUDOW and SHAW rush over to him.

DAVID It's okay I just tripped

SHAW Oh my god!


David turns and discovers what he tripped on;  A BODY. DAVID stands up and studies the body along with MUDOW and SHAW. The BODY is at least thirteen foot tall and it's HEAD is missing.

MUDOW Over there

MUDOW moves over to a large HEAD which is six times larger than a humans. It has Elephantine features and a trunk from it's nose leads to and is attached to the BODY'S chest.

SHAW I wonder what happened to it

Both MUDOW and SHAW kneel down and study the GIANT head.      DAVID then turns and begins walking into a larger section of the area. His flash light zooms in on a large three foot URN like jar which stands next to others. DAVID walks through this graveyard of URNS studying them until he points his flash light dead ahead. He stops when his flash light zooms in on a large MONUMENT. SHAW and MUDOW stand up when they spot the MONUMENT.  All three of them stand there staring up at the Massive MONUMENT which is shaped like a Human HEAD.   (See Mr Gigers concept art. Although he still refuses to get on a plane so email him)   MILBURN and FIFIELD finally arrive and study the MONUMENT. 

FIFIELD I don't believe this!

MILBURN My god look at it. It's like it's looking down on us. Look at the hieroglyphs on it's face

DAVID Miss Shaw? You're an archaeologist. What so you have to say?

SHAW I've never seen anything like it in my life

DAVID approaches one of the large URNS and touches it. As he takes his hand away a sticky glue substance sticks to his hand.

DAVID It's like leather

DAVID studies the top of the URN and wipes away the debris. A circular pattern with a small button in the centre can be seen. DAVID pushes the button and it clicks down. There is a series of clicking followed by a louder click. The top opens and there is a release of hissing gas. A white cylinder type jar slowly ejects from the URN. DAVID lifts the JAR out of the URN. 

FIFIELD Okay grab some samples. We better be getting back now

DAVID walks over to MILBURN with the white jar.  MILBURN and MUDOW place the large ALIEN head into the bag. DAVID places the URN inside the bag. MILBURN picks up the bag and carries it as the group head back toward the zip wire, our view zooms in on the opened URN.


CHANCE, RAY and JOSHUA are waiting by the vehicles watching the group arrive at the bottom of the staircase. 

CHANCE What did you find? 

MUDOW We'll explain later 

CHANCE Can we go now? 

MUDOW Right everybody get in, we're leaving

Everyone rushes to their vehicles. MILBURN who is now holding the bag climbs onto the back of one of the Buggy's.


We are looking at a strange ALIEN control panel. There is a series of different coloured buttons and many weird and strange hieroglyphics. A large thick pale/blue hand comes into view. It has three very long fingers and a thumb. It makes a fist and one of it's fingers touches a button.  


The thick dense greyish white clouds begin swirling even faster and a series of thunderous bangs are heard as a lightening storm can be seen from within.


The three vehicles speed toward the PROMETHEUS


JANEK Open the Cargo Bay ramp

RAVEL It's already done sir. Er. .  Sir?

JANEK What now?

RAVEL It's the atmosphere. It's changing

JANEK What do you mean changing?

RAVEL look!

JANEK stares out of the window and his eyes widen.   EXT. PROMETHEUS. NIGHT

The Rover and the 2 Buggy's drive to the ramp. MILBURNS Buggy is the last to drive up the ramp but  as it does so, the bag is knocked off the Buggy that goes unnoticed by MILBURN.


The Rover stops inside and turns till it faces the open door. The two Buggy's also stop. Everyone exits their vehicles. RAY and JOSHUA grab the flame throwers and make their way to the other side of the room. MILBURN searches the Buggy and looks around in panic. 

MILBURN where the fuck is it?

FIFIELD Where's what?


FIFIELD I thought you had it?

SHAW spots the bag just a few meters from the ramp outside.

SHAW I see it


SHAW exits the PROMETHEUS and reaches the bag. She kneels down and picks it up. She stops moving as a loud thunderous storm can be heard. She looks up into the horizon only see a great EPIC spectacle. The entire cloud formation in the sky is falling to the surface in the distance and approaching the ship like a tsunami. The day soon turns to night. SHAW is in total awe and shock. She slowly stands up as the storm gets closer. Everyone in the background doesn't notice her or the storm. SHAW is suddenly hit by the violent storm and is lifted into the air and thrown diagonally away from the Cargo Bay.


HOLLOWAY  Elizabeth!

The violent storm fires through the Cargo Bay throwing everyone around the area like rag dolls.


SHAW is thrown high into the air in between the side of the Cargo Bay and the Engine.  We are now looking through SHAW'S P.O.V and we are turning and twisting as he are lunged into the air.  We can hear SHAW'S static screams, whimpering and heavy panicked breathing as we bump into the ship, then the engine and then finally we crash into the rocky ground and roll around before lying still.


The Rover stops no more than hundred meters from the Prometheus and parks right next to SHAWS body which is lying face down on the ground. 


JANEK enters and finds only VICKERS inside. She sits by the table and smokes. 

JANEK We nearly lost someone today

VICKERS But we didn't did we?

JANEK You know me and you were watching footage of mankinds first discovery of an alien species and you didn't even seem surprised

VICKERS What are you implying?

JANEK You know something we don't. What is it?

VICKERS I'm in the dark as much as you are

JANEK Really?

VICKERS Yes really. The sooner we get out of here the better

JANEK And you wouldn't object if we all just packed up and left tonight?

VICKERS I know you think I'm just some dumb ass suit looking after her interests well you're wrong. I care more about these people and you than you think. After Shaw's patched up, lets just get the hell out of here

JANEK Yes ma'am


HOLLOWAY sits on a stool next to the table where SHAW lies on. SHAW smiles. 

SHAW You still here?

HOLLOWAY I'm not going until I know you're all right

SHAW Just a few bumps and bruises. Mudow said I off pretty light 

HOLLOWAY Your lucky you didn't break anything

ELIZABETH god these beds are uncomfortable

HOLLOWAY C'mon then I'll take you to your room   HOLLOWAY helps ELIZABETH get up out of the table.


All we can see is an index finger. In the middle of this finger is the 'WEYLAND' logo. DAVID stands by his table staring at his finger.    His INDEX finger's print has a small Weyland logo marked on it. On the table is the large bag. Sitting on the table in front of DAVID is the white JAR. It is completely enclosed in the rubbery white JAR. DAVID opens a drawer and pulls out a small scalpel and cuts around the edges of the top of the JAR.  He peels away the part he cut off and his left hand then gently reaches into the GOO filled JAR and lifts out a Greenish Yellow beady substance. He walks over to a large 'microwave' type machine and opens a hatch. He places the strange beads inside and shuts the hatch. He presses a button and a buzzing noise comes from the hatch. DAVID then makes his way to the bag and brings out the large ALIEN HEAD and takes it to a table with several rings over it. He places the HEAD on it. 


SHAW and HOLLOWAY both sit on the bed.

HOLLOWAY How you feeling?

SHAW The drugs Mudow gave me are helping

HOLLOWAY So why the long face?

SHAW We found evidence of extraterrestrial existence. Everything I've been led to believe was a lie

HOLLOWAY Oh yeah I forgot that you were religious

SHAW You were going to say something to me before we left

HOLLOWAY It doesn't matter

SHAW No tell me

HOLLOWAY I hate my job. I hate everything to do with Archaeology

SHAW So why are you here?

HOLLOWAY gives an embarrassed smile and SHAW looks stunned and shocked.

SHAW You like me? 

HOLLOWAY Yes but I know you don't like me. 

SHAW But look at me now. I'm ugly

HOLLOWAY No your not

SHAW Yeah I am

HOLLOWAY gently grabs SHAW hair and tilts back so she faces him.

HOLLOWAY No you're not

The two kiss each other. Very quickly both are on the bed and HOLLOWAY lies on top of her.

SHAW Holloway, I've never done this before

HOLLOWAY It's okay

HOLLOWAY is more quick now and his hands begin rubbing up her legs. SHAW gasps for air and tries to push his hand away but he forces his hand to continue rubbing her leg.

SHAW No. Holloway wait. Please!

HOLLOWAY continues to kiss her and she tries to push him off but fails.


JANEK sits on his chair with his head tilted back and with his eyes closed. Music overhead plays 'God's gonna cut you down' by Johnny Cash.  RAVEL sits by his chair drinking coffee from a metallic cup while CHANCE is staring at his monitor while rapidly typing into his keyboard.

JANEK Will you stop that. You're giving me a headache. What you doing anyway?

CHANCE rushes out of the room without saying anything. JANEK shakes his head and sighs. RAVEL smirks.

RAVEL You gotta go then you gotta go I guess


The Ship illuminated by hundreds of lights sits in the pitch darkness. The storm has passed and the night sky is illuminated by a blanket of Aurora, the large Saturn type planet and hundreds upon hundreds of stars. The sound of the howling winds resemble an unearthly scream.


HOLLOWAY is standing next to the bed and puts on his trousers. He looks down and notices blood stains rising from the groin area of his trousers. He sits down at the edge of the bed and holds his head in shame. He looks over at SHAW whom is sniffling and tears can be seen dripping from her eyes. HOLLOWAY stands up and grabs his Shirt and walks toward the door and exits the room.


CHANCE enters the Lab and approaches DAVID.

CHANCE I've got some interesting news

DAVID What is it?

CHANCE The computer discovered something pretty weird

DAVID Like what?

CHANCE The planet's atmosphere's artificial

DAVID Artificial? Are you sure?

CHANCE I'm telling you what the computer said. The oxygen, the clouds, the atmosphere is artificial. I don't understand it myself

DAVID It sounds like you're trying to tell me this planet is being Terraformed

CHANCE That's what the computer's saying

DAVID Interesting

CHANCE looks over at the examination table and looks at the giant ALIEN HEAD.

CHANCE Is that what I think it is?

DAVID Yes. Our first encounter with an extraterrestrial life form

CHANCE And it's dead. I wonder what happened to it

DAVID That reminds me. Can you do me a favour and call Miss Shaw and Miss Mudow for me?



A naked SHAW stands under the sprinkling overhead shower system. She has her left hand pressed against the wall. As the water runs down her body her hand hand wipes down her upper thighs cleaning away the blood which is leaking down. She if sniffling and crying. Her blood is washed down her legs and washes down a drain in the centre of the room.


DAVID sits on a stool facing a narrow scanning table. MUDOW and SHAW stand at each side of the table The LARGE alien HEAD is at the far end of the table and switch on the scanning device.

DAVID No sign of any chemical or viral dangers.

MUDOW activates the scanning device and the LARGE alien HEAD is brought to the front the table which being scanned. VICKERS arrives and stands not far behind DAVID and watches the operation. MILBURN enters the room and stands by a corner. 

VICKERS So what can you tell me about it?

DAVID, MUDOW and SHAW turn and watch VICKERS.

DAVID The data is coming through right now. It's organic. No signs of DNA or tissue or even blood. It's almost biomechanical

VICKERS Meaning?

DAVID rubs his forehead in frustration and sighs. He looks over at VICKERS and gives a forced smile.

DAVID Miss Vickers I mean no offence. But Scientists will be debating and examining this for decades to come. It's Alien to us and to everything we know or understand. But if you want my honest professional opinion then I'd say it's a helmet

VICKERS If this is a helmet then where's the head?

DAVID I don't know. I said It could be a helmet but the simple answer is that I don't understand it at all

VICKERS Anything else?

DAVID The inside is completely hollow. But the computer did find traces of some sort of material. Computer cant identify it but it appears it has traces of Sulphuric acid

VICKERS Good work. Keep me posted on all developments. So what about the material from the URN?

DAVID It's still being scanned. I'll let you know right away when I find something


CHANCE sits by his controls and blows bubblegum when suddenly his computer begins beeping. He stares at his monitor and types into his keyboard.  A series of coded numbers appear. 

JANEK What's happening over there?

CHANCE Picking up a transmission

JANEK What you mean transmission? From Weyland?

CHANCE Jesus Christ! Sir you're not going to believe this


SHAW, HOLLOWAY, MUDOW, FIFIELD, MILBURN, VICKERS, JANEK, RAVEL, CHANCE, RAY and JOSHUA are all sitting around a table while DAVID stands at the front of it.

JANEK Okay will someone explain what's going on?

DAVID Our computer system picked up an extraterrestrial transmission

SHAW From this planet?

DAVID No but it was directed to this planet

SHAW So where did it come from?

DAVID A nearby planetoid. Not long after Chance brought this to my attention the computer picked up another signal

SHAW From the same point of origin

DAVID No, this signal came from Zeus

VICKERS looks up at DAVID and then looks down at the ground and slowly nods her head.

JANEK Zeus as in this planet?

DAVID Correct. 

FIFIELD What kind of a signal?

DAVID We don't know but the computer is translating it as we speak but it did however pick up the location of where this signal is coming from. Chance?

CHANCE It's not far from where we are

VICKERS Is it close enough to drive?


JANEK Wait now we can't just willy nilly drive up to whatever this is. We don't know anything about it

VICKERS We have to 

JANEK Bullshit

VICKERS It's company procedure Captain

JANEK I don't give a fuck about the company

VICKERS We're going out


VICKERS I'm going with you on this one. Okay I want everyone ready within the hour

VICKERS gets up and walks away and exits the Mess Hall. JANEK sighs and gets up and follows her.


JANEK Hey you!

Sighing in frustration, VICKERS turns and faces an enraged JANEK.

JANEK What was that all about?

VICKERS Don't start Janek, I've had a really long day

JANEK Listen I'm an okay guy and Weyland hired me because I do what I'm told, when I'm told and they trust my judgement. But you're risking the lives of everyone of us. What for?

VICKERS I really understand, I really do but we have a responsibility to investigate this signal. 

JANEK Bullshit. You know something we don't. I don't believe for one second this one some gods damn Archaeology mission

VICKERS What are you getting at captain?

JANEK You really expect me to believe that Weyland would send a state of the art FTI ship to investigate a hunch? What aren't you telling us?

VICKERS What do you know about the Yutani Corporation captain?

JANEK Yeah they own all of the world's law enforcement, weapons and car manufacturing companies and all of the Natural resource and Nuclear power plants. What about them?

VICKERS Yutani was created only less than twenty years ago and already they're nearly as big as Weyland


VICKERS So if we return home empty handed then Weyland faces a possible Merger with them. When Sir Peter Weyland formed the Weyland corporation over Eighty years ago he had a vision and that vision was to build a more peaceful and safer Earth. If we were to join with Yutani then the entire company's legacy will be destroyed. 

JANEK I'm the captain of this ship and I'm not going to risk any lives. This mission is over!

VICKERS With all do respects Captain but that's all you are. A captain of a fucking ship. All you're job is to do is fly this fucker. Now get back to your post and wait for further instructions. I'm in charge here and don't forget that  

VICKERS walks away from a frustrated and angry JANEK.

JANEK I hate this job!


CHANCE and MILBURN stand by a crate and bring out two Flame throwers. They then begin to walk over to one of the Rovers. SHAW, HOLLOWAY, FIFIELD, VICKERS and MUDOW are waiting for them.

SHAW Why are we bringing Flame Throwers?

VICKERS Protection. You know what that means don't you?

VICKERS gives a spiteful glare at SHAW and HOLLOWAY.


The ramp is now open and the Rover drives out into the dark windy landscape.


The Rover drives through the bumpy road and approaches a strange looking structure.


VICKERS What the hell is that?

CHANCE Whatever it is, that's where we're headed


The large 'U' shaped Structure is massive. It is exactly two miles in length. It's arms are the same size of the Dubai Tower and it's belly is large, fat and thick. The Rover drives in between the two large Arms and comes to stop. Facing the Rover is the Belly of the structure and six large Oval shapes holes can be seen. The Rover opens up and the crew exit.

VICKERS Let's get moving

SHAW I don't like this

VICKERS Let's just get this over with

The group of seven make their way to one of the many giant holes. SHAW stops and looks down. She finds a half buried GIANT alien body with a deep circular hole on it's skull.

SHAW I found another one

The group stop to look at it for several moments before continuing toward the structure. VICKERS is first to climb up into the large hole and she helps MUDOW up. After everyone but MILBURN has climbed up, MILBURN notices a body. The LARGE body has eight holes on it's chest and a larger hole on it's skull. INT. DERELICT TUNNEL. NIGHT The group walk through the narrow but tall pitch black slimy bone shaped tunnel. The group then come across a wall of misty red laser. They walk through it.


HOLLOWAY Leap of faith right?

HOLLOWAY takes off his helmet and breathes in the oxygen.

HOLLOWAY It's okay you can take off you're helmets

The group come to a dead end but find two Tunnels leading right and left.

VICKERS Milburn, Shaw you're with me. Fifield you take the rest and go that way


Behind the trio led by VICKERS the distant lights of the other four can be seen. VICKERS suddenly stops and points her flash light at two large ALIEN beings standing on a small platform up against the wall. It is obvious they aren't alive.

VICKERS Come take a look at this

MILBURN approaches them and examines one of them and touches the 13 foot tall Being.

MILBURN there's nothing inside it

SHAW David was right. Their suits

VICKERS Come on let's keep moving

As the group walks past the two large suits, our view focuses and zooms onto the one that MILBURN never examined. MILBURN and VICKERS continue to walk further up the tunnel. They stop however after coming to a dead end. SHAW places her flash light on a metallic panel and approaches them from behind. The trio are looking at a golden wall with strange Alien murals and hieroglyphs. The Mural shows a planet with a 'U' shaped object above it and with two large beings kneeling at each side of the planet looking down on it. VICKERS notices a doorway to their left leading into some kind of room.

VICKERS What's in here. Let's check it out


MUDOW leads the other three to a dead end and there are two doorways at each side of them.

MUDOW What way?

FIFIELD Let's go right


VICKERS, SHAW and MILBURN walk into the room. This room is a miniature version of the 'temple' they found in the Cathedral. Fifty or so small two foot URNS are scattered around the floor while at the back of the room is a large HUMANOID head MONUMENT, identical to the one found in the 'cathedral' but smaller. The URNS however are different, they are metallic and have four holes. VICKERS approaches one of them. VICKERS clicks the button at the top of it and it makes a clicking noise. The top opens and a smaller six inch metallic glowing URN rises from it.

VICKERS This is different than the one David found

SHAW Do you think its a good idea to take that out?

VICKERS Of course I do

VICKERS lifts it out and puts it into a bag she has around her shoulder. The tall URN with it's missing contents suddenly descends into a small hole on the floor.

VICKERS Let's get out of here

SHAW Finally


MUDOW, FIFIELD, CHANCE and HOLLOWAY enter this very strange and eerie room. The walls, ceiling and floor and even the tables seem to be moving and slivering as if it were alive. HOLLOWAY approaches an organic type device on the floor which resembles a 'cannon' As he kneels down to look at it MUDOW immediately puts on her helmet.

MUDOW Put you're helmets on. God knows what kind of diseases are in this place

After putting his helmet on but keeping the front part of his helmet open, HOLLOWAY squeezes the small 'Penis' sized 'cannon' and immediately afterwards several pints of greenish yellow fluids explode from it and splashes at HOLLOWAY'S face. As HOLLOWAY stands up yelling the front of his helmet falls down trapping the steamy liquid inside. Steam pours from his helmets vents and he screams out before falling backwards on to the ground. FIFIELD rushes over and takes the helmet off from him. HOLLOWAY'S face looks almost burnt and deformed.


The trio can hear the screams and immediately runs down the tunnel. VICKERS leads with MILBURN not far behind. As the pair run past the two SUITS, on of the giant SUITS steps off the platform and confronts SHAW blocking her path. SHAW stops and screams. VICKERS and MILBURN turn back but only MILBURN runs over to help her. SHAW is on her knees with her hands on her ears and she screams in pain as she stares into the BEINGS eye's. The BEING turns and grabs MILBURN by his hair and lifts him off his feet ripping out most of MILBURNS hair. VICKERS immediately turns and runs away from them.


VICKERS meets up with the four others. A groaning and whimpering wounded HOLLOWAY is helped by MUDOW and CHANCE.

VICKERS We have to get out now!

MUDOW Where's the others?

VICKERS They're dead. Something killed them. Let's go!

The group of five then make their way through the tunnel.


The group hastily makes their way toward the Rover.


SHAW awakes and finds herself drawn and naked. Four Long tongue like wires are attached to her two hands and feet and she is drawn out in an X position. She looks out around the dark room and finds her clothes, Chrysler suit and helmet at a corner of the room along with MILBURN'S clothes, Suit and helmet. MILBURN lays on the floor unconscious. SHAW studies and scans the room and her sight focuses on a really DARK part of the room. The tall large BEING steps out of the shadows. SHAW begins shaking and whimpering in fear. The BEING walks past her; staring down at her as it does. It then walks over to MILBURN and picks him up with ease.

It carries his body over to an open Sarcophagus and places him inside. The BEING looks up at the ceiling and brings down the top of the Sarcophagus and locks MILBURN inside. It hovers it's hand over the Sarcophagus and the Sarcophagus begins to light up and shake and a loud generator noise gets louder and louder. The BEING then turns it's head and stares at SHAW. It walks over to the frightened whimpering SHAW and produces a small thin knife like object and cuts her arm. As her blood drips down, the BEING holds the small organic blade to her flesh till the blade is covered in her blood. It then makes it's way to an organic table where a small saucer shaped device sits. It drops the blood onto it and within seconds a Hologram rises from the device and shows the blueprints of SHAW'S DNA. A startled muffle comes from the BEING and it turns to face SHAW. The BEING takes off it's helmet and rests it on the table. It then walks over to SHAW and stares at her. SHAW'S expression tightens with fear and she begins crying. The BEING has a humanoid face and head but at the same time looks nothing like Human. The BEING then backs away to the doorway and watches SHAW as snake like wires sliver down from the ceiling and rise from the floor. SHAW looks up and down at these seemingly intelligent snake like wires with panic and then looks over at the BEING who doesn't move and watches her with an emotionless sinister glare.

SUDDENLY two wires strike out and stab into her Butt cheeks, another one stabs and sticks to the top of her spine, another to strike and stab into her knees and as SHAW screams out in pain and agony a much more thicker and longer snake like wire slivers up her leg and upper right thigh. From behind SHAW we can see the thick pulsing and throbbing snake like 'Penis' shoot up with force between SHAW'S legs followed by a loud howling scream.

INT. MESS HALL. NIGHT FIFIELD, CHANCE, RAY, JOSHUA, JANEK, RAVEL and CHANCE are sitting around the table in complete shock.

FIFIELD We have to go out and get them! We can't just leave them there. I've known Milburn for ten years man. I refuse to leave him here

JANEK I knew we should have left this fucking rock a long time ago

FIFIELD It's Vickers man! I don't trust her

RAY Yeah me neither man

JANEK What will you have me do?

CHANCE I say we get off this rock. I mean right now!

FIFIELD I'm not leaving them out there!

JANEK Shut up man. Let me think!


MUDOW stands over the bed where HOLLOWAY is sleeping. His face is pale, ridged and dry, his hair has receded dramatically. DAVID walks in and greets her. 

DAVID How's he doing?

MUDOW He'll live for now

DAVID What you mean for now?

MUDOW I don't know what that stuff is but it's tampered with his Genes

DAVID Meaning?

MUDOW He's ageing rapidly. By the hour

DAVID Can't we freeze him?

MUDOW No. I mean, because of the way he is, depleting his blood and replacing it with a Chilled feline solution might kill him

DAVID Did you bring anything back with you from the structure?

MUDOW No. Vickers said she found nothing and then the Alien attacked them. She was forced to retreat

DAVID Where is Vickers?


VICKERS is on the floor doing push ups. Her facial expression is tight and intense. On her bed is her bag with the URN inside.


RAVEL enters the control room with a cup of coffee.

JANEK'S voice arrives via the overhead system.

JANEK Ravel hurry up and activate the power grid. I wanna get off this rock pronto The monitor on RAVELS control system begins beeping. He rushes over and looks at the monitor which shows live footage of the exterior of the ship. He notices a human figure outside.


The Cargo Cay which is now lowered has it's ramp opened.


JANEK, CHANCE and FIFIELD stand at the ramp with Pistols while RAY and JOSHUA stand with Flame throwers. A brightly lit Chrysler suit appears and as it enters the Cargo Bay it is revealed to be a very weak and wounded SHAW who weakly stumbles toward the ramp. The group rush over to her and help her inside.


SHAW is now dressed in white bandages and is asleep on a table. HOLLOWAY is on a table next to her. Everyone are in the room surrounding her. SHAW is lying on the bed and begins moving and turning uncomfortably and she is sweating and gasping heavily. Her eyes are shut tight. SHAW begins to into some kind of spasm.

JANEK What's happening?

MUDOW She's having some kind of fit

DAVID looks at the monitor next her table and the monitor shows a scan of her body. A circle around her stomach begins to expand. DAVID looks back at SHAW and then MUDOW. MUDOW looks at the monitor and gasps in shock.

MUDOW Jesus!

SHAW suddenly awakens and sits up. Her eyes are opened wide and her face tightens and she grips the sides of the soft mattress underneath her. She lets out a blood curling scream. 

MUDOW holds her down.

FIFIELD What's happening to her!

MUDOW What is that?

MUDOW points at something on the monitor. DAVID studies it and looks back at MUDOW.

SHAW screams out in total pain and agony and her belly rises and expands as if she was pregnant.

SHAW Please!

SUDDENLY there is a muffled pop coming from SHAW followed by an explosion of blood from underneath her underwear. Everyone standing around her jumps in in an unexpected shock.

DAVID Hold her down!

Then there is another pop and rip noise as something rips through her underwear. MUDOW screams in shock as SHAW'S underwear is ripped open. SHAW lets out a loud scream. Suddenly half a dozen long thin organic wires shoot out from SHAW between her legs and fall to the floor along with a small puddle of blood and goo.

DAVID Some things inside her stomach. She's formed a womb

MUDOW How do we get it out?

DAVID You know how to do a C-section?

MUDOW Pass me the scalpel


JOSHUA is kneeling on the floor and vomits. RAY, RAVEL, JANEK and FIFIELD exit and walk over to him. All of them look disgusted and shocked. VICKERS and CHANCE exit the sickbay with HOLLOWAY'S table. HOLLOWAY is still unconscious as he lies on the table.


SHAW is nearly unconscious but is heavy gasping and sweating heavily. Both DAVID and MUDOW stand at each side of SHAW and they both are wearing bio-hazard suits. SHAW'S stomach is cut open and 

DAVID enters the wound with a pair of large medical pliers.

DAVID I've got it

MUDOW Be careful

DAVID brings the medical instrument out of her belly and with it he brings out an organism.

MUDOW My god!

As DAVID brings the organism out of her belly, the wires slide back inside SHAW and come out of the wound. The organism resembles what appears to be a baby but it doesn't look exactly human. It has a much larger head with strange markings on it, it's eyes are large and sunken, it's body is black and slimy and wires are attached to it from inside SHAW'S wounds.

MUDOW What is that?

DAVID I don't know

DAVID takes the squirming organism to an incubator box and places it inside. He then shuts the top. Outside the sickbay through the windows JANEK can be seen.

JANEK Will she be okay?

MUDOW Her life support seems stable. We'll patch her up and she should be fine Both MUDOW and DAVID stare at each other.

MUDOW What the hell is this place!


DAVID arrives in his laboratory with the incubator box and places it inside a hatch and closes it. He then makes his way to the 'microwave' type hatch and looks at the monitor next to it. He looks closer and it reads “Examination complete. Report in data base'.


SHAW is unconscious. HOLLOWAY opens his eyes and begins gasping. MUDOW rushes over to him.

MUDOW Holloway!

HOLLOWAY We have to get Elizabeth!

MUDOW She's here


HOLLOWAY looks over at a blood soaked SHAW and frowns and sighs.

MUDOW It's okay she'll be fine. I've just put her under


DAVID sits by his desk when MUDOW and CHANCE walk in. They are pushing a wheelchair with HOLLOWAY sitting on it.

DAVID Mr Holloway, You made it!

HOLLOWAY I feel like I'm dead The trio gather around him and a weak weary HOLLOWAY forces a smile.

MUDOW He's fine. He'll just be suffering from the biggest hangover in his entire life

HOLLOWAY God damn I'm hungry

MUDOW I'll go get you something MUDOW leaves the room.

HOLLOWAY Thanks. I wish I had your strength David

DAVID I'm not like you though

HOLLOWAY Oh yeah I forgot. You're a robot

DAVID smiles.

DAVID I prefer the term artificial person HOLLOWAY touches DAVID'S face. DAVID looks up at him with a child like expression.

HOLLOWAY You feel so. . .

DAVID Human?

HOLLOWAY So what's happened since I've been out?


We zoom through the deep dark tunnel of the Derelict. We are now seeing a view of the Planet Earth. We are now travelling through the Derelict tunnel. We are now inside the Derelict power room. We are now looking at the planet Earth. We are now looking at a strange egg. We are now looking at the planet Earth and can see the 'U' shaped alien craft approaching it. We are now looking up at the Alien HEAD monument and it turns and looks down at us. It's eyes glow and it's mouth moves and it's deep loud voice speaks.

VOICE Elizabeth!


SHAW wakes up. She is sweating and gasping. She forces her bloody body out of the table and begins limping toward the door.


SHAW walks into the laboratory and the trio look up at her.

SHAW We were wrong, we were so wrong! She collapses to her knees and falls flat on the ground.


The ship sits still in the midst of the violent howling winds.


VICKERS sits at her desk staring into a monitor as it reads: AWAITING ORDERS. Only several seconds pass when a new sentence appears on screen which reads: Message received. VICKERS clicks on it and it reads: ACTIVATE SPECIAL ORDER 937

VICKERS glare is interrupted by FIFIELD entering. VICKERS quickly turns off the monitor.

VICKERS What is it?

FIFIELD Ma'am it's Shaw

VICKERS What about her?

FIFIELD I don't know. David asked to me to get you

VICKERS I'll be right there


SHAW is lying in on a table. She is awake and more stable. Everyone is standing around her.

MUDOW Can you hear me?


MUDOW How many finger am I holding up?

SHAW Three


Everyone is inside the room staring at her.

JANEK What happened out there?

SHAW Milburn!

She begins sobbing.

JANEK Shaw tell us what happened

SHAW I can't remember. All I remember is waking up on some horrible room and I was naked


SHAW I found my clothes and put them on. Then it came for me

MUDOW What came for you?

SHAW I don't know who he is


SHAW He spoke to me. . . In my head and told me everything. He. . . Showed me a way out of the ship

VICKERS The ship? What ship?

SHAW It asked me questions about it. He told me to tell my people to leave here and never come back but it told me. . . Before we leave give it back anything we stole and it will give us back Milburn and the right to live Everyone stands around staring at each other.

DAVID We better do as it says. I'll gather the stuff we brought back and take it to the structure myself

VICKERS Are you kidding me? No offence to Miss Shaw here, I'm sure she went through something bad but she's under the influence of drugs. And the things we brought back are worth a lot to the company

FIFIELD Screw the company. Milburn's still out there!

VICKERS I understand but you're not looking at the bigger picture

JANEK David are you volunteering to do this?

DAVID Yes sir

JANEK Permission granted

VICKERS I gave no such order

JANEK Well Miss Vickers I don't give a fuck! David how long can you leave?


DAVID walks over to one of the many Sarcophagus type capsules on the wall.


The CARGO BAY lowers from the belly of the ship.


DAVID stops the Rover just at the Belly of the craft and climbs out. He approaches the craft with his large bag.


He arrives at the dead end takes a right turn.


DAVID arrives at another dead end. To his left is a doorway leading into the derelicts 'Sickbay' room. DAVID turns to his right and enters the other doorway.


This tunnel leads up a steep path. DAVID walks up it and comes to another dead end with two doorways at each side. DAVID turns left and looks inside the left doorway.


DAVID stands at the doorway and looks inside. This room is massive and hundreds of ten foot tall Oval shaped organic cages can be seen on the ground, walls and ceiling.


DAVID approaches the second doorway and looks in.


DAVID is standing at the entrance staring inside this large vast dome shaped room. There are a series of holes at each side of the room. In the centre of this room is a large circular platform with four Sarcophagus type mechanical coffins on it. A large mechanical control panel is also present. DAVID approaches and steps onto the platform. He approaches the mechanical device and touches it. The device lights up and he touches a button. Behind DAVID a Hologram of ZEUS appears at the centre of the platform rising from a small glowing bulb on the floor. DAVID approaches it and studies it. It has a small symbol above it of a 'U' shape. DAVID touches the hologram and it suddenly shifts and a series of blue lights appear all over the ORRERY showing a large holographic map of the Star system. DAVID uses his hands to manipulate the holograms. He pushes and the Holographic map then changes from the ZEUS star system and into a holographic map of the entire Galaxy. The ZEUS star system and dozens of others have a small 'U' symbol above them and all of the one's with the 'U' symbol are glowing red. DAVID keeps his sight set on particular glowing star system and he frowns in confusion. He approaches it and touches it and suddenly he is looking at a very similar Star system with 8 planets and a very similar Sun in the middle. It is now clear that this is OUR star system. Only one of these planets glows and has the 'U' shape symbol on it. DAVID approaches it and touches it. A large HOLOGRAM shows up in the centre of the platform and shows the planet EARTH.

DAVID Earth!

We are at the doorway looking at DAVID staring at the hologram of EARTH when suddenly he turns and faces our direction. A 13 foot tall Being blocks our view.


JANEK, RAVEL, CHANCE, RAY, JOSHUA, FIFIELD and VICKERS wait with their weapons as the Rover comes to a halt. DAVID exits the vehicle.

DAVID Milburn's in the back

FIFIELD Is he alive?

DAVID Yes. He's fine

JANEK Let's get him to the sickbay


MILBURN is now on the examination table. MUDOW and FIFIELD stand over him while DAVID sits at a table looking into a monitor.

DAVID This is strange


DAVID It's his blood type. It's changed

MUDOW How's that possible?

DAVID I don't know. His genes are changing


A weak and sickly looking SHAW is now dressed in her skin tight blue 'Weyland' suit. He groans as she exits the room.


HOLLOWAY sits on his wheelchair by the table. SHAW enters and approaches him.

SHAW Holloway?

HOLLOWAY Elizabeth

SHAW What happened to you?

HOLLOWAY Why do I look different?

SHAW My god. I'm so sorry Holloway. What happened on that ship?

HOLLOWAY I don't know but I want to get off this rock as soon as possible


We can only see the back of the large 13 foot tall being. One of the many large organic cages is lowered from the ceiling by organic slimy wires.


RAY walks over to one of the Sarcophagus wall capsules.

RAY Okay take me down


DAVID, JANEK, RAVEL, CHANCE, MUDOW, FIFIELD, JOSHUA, SHAW, HOLLOWAY and VICKERS are all in the room.  Everyone is looking at DAVID.

JANEK Okay David start from the beginning and explain to these people what you just told me

DAVID The computer and I have translated and collated all of the evidence we've found so far. The computer was able to translate most of the hieroglyphics and I was able to put two and two together.


The Cargo Bay lowers from the ship and lands on the ground.


DAVID These Beings

JANEK Terraformers as you called them

DAVID Right. These Terraformers have terraformed dozens, maybe thousands of planets around the galaxy. This planet is one of them; one of their latest


RAY presses a button and the door begins to open.


DAVID They didn't just create a new species. They created a weapon. A biomechanical weapon that could wipe out an entire planet's population. They created thousands upon thousands of them. After one of their crafts left this planet something went wrong and one of these weapons got loose and began killing the crew. The Being piloting the craft crashed it on a nearby planetoid and sent a warning to the craft on this planet


A confused and startled RAY is at the top of the ramp and staring outside. He is looking at an organic cage of some sort. He approaches it.


DAVID So this planet was therefore quarantined and abandoned

JANEK Tell them the last bit you told me

DAVID looks at the surprised and weary crew.

DAVID When I was inside the Alien craft I found some sort of Orrery. It showed me all of the planets these beings have terraformed and helped evolve. One of them was Earth!

SHAW Impossible!

VICKERS Are you sure?

DAVID Yes I'm afraid, it's true. This being knows we are from Earth and knows we are human. There's one more thing I haven't told you. This craft also has thousands of these biomechanical weapons

SHAW That's what I saw in my dream!

DAVID You're dream?

SHAW My god!

JANEK What is it?

SHAW That's what it meant by saying it will Punish us for stealing! It's going to take these weapons to Earth! Suddenly MILBURN walks into the room. He is gasping heavily and hangs on to the door.

FIFIELD Milburn!

MILBURN What happened?

MUDOW Jesus Christ take him back to the sickbay

MILBURN I'm fine. Get away from me MILBURN'S face is pale, most of his hair is missing, his eyes are sunk back and bloodshot, his eye bags are dark red and his face is swollen.

FIFIELD You don't look fine man

MILBURN I'm fine


The organic CAGE begins shaking and cracking and popping from the inside. RAY slowly backs up into the Cargo Bay, startled. Suddenly a large hole on the CAGE explodes and gallons of Black tar like substance spills out. Something large and black and slimy escapes from the CAGE. RAY stands there in frozen shock and awe. He is looking down and then looks up. We cant see what he is looking at it but we can hear something approach him. There is a hissing and Hyena type yelp. RAY immediately turns and runs for the door. There is a howling unearthly scream. SUDDENLY as RAY reaches the door he is stopped dead in his tracks by a long thick Dragon type tail which grabs his leg. RAY falls and is dragged away from the door. RAY screams.


RAVEL looks at his monitor which is showing live footage from the Cargo Bay. He looks closer and spots some weirdly shaped black monster standing over RAY.



RAY is lying on the ground looking up at the unseen creature. A long black, hairy and slimy tentacle like rod which has a very sharp pointy edge. Wrapped around this Tentacle are small see through greyish veins. It stabs into his chest. RAY screams out in agony. Seven more of these Tentacle like rods appear and stab down all over his body. RAY'S blood can be seen being sucked up through the tentacles veins. We can now see the back of the monsters head as it leans down and comes face to face with RAY. The back of it's head is long, thick, slimy and hairy and shaped like a cigar.


The Cargo Bay rises from the ground with the door still open. It is then attached to the Belly of the ship.


CHANCE and JOSHUA stand at each side of the Cargo Bay door. Both men have pistols. HOLLOWAY is now out of his wheelchair and is walking using a cane and MUDOW'S arm for support. SHAW stands next to them. VICKERS and a seemingly fit and healthy MILBURN have flame throwers and they are both standing next to FIFIELD, JANEK and RAVEL.


The door opens and CHANCE and JOSHUA storm inside with their pistols raised. They look around and find only blood stains on the floor. SHAW, MUDOW and HOLLOWAY appear at the doorway. CHANCE then notices RAY; he is cocooned and dangling from the ceiling. As we look closer at him we can see a large hole in the centre of his face. Suddenly there is a hissing and screeching noise and the large eight foot tall MONSTER jumps from the ceiling pipes and lands on the ground. It looks over at them. It has no eyes, nose or even mouth. It's face looks like a closed human fist. It has eight long Tentacles, a large dragon like tail and eight strange spider like legs which resemble human like fingers.

It has four organic pipe like tubes on it's back

CHANCE Kill it!

Both JOSHUA and CHANCE begin firing their pistols at it. The MONSTER scurries away and hides around the corner of one of the two Rovers. CHANCE and JOSHUA run to the Rover and split up. VICKERS and MILBURN enter with their flame throwers. JOSHUA walks around the side of the Rover and he is immediately attacked by the MONSTER. The eight Tentacles strike him everywhere around the chest and they pulls him forward toward the MONSTER. JOSHUA looks up at it in horror. The MONSTERS fist like face opens like a hand. The inside of the MONSTERS face looks like a female sexual organ with a small hole in the centre. SUDDENLY a hairy, slimy, black spike like hose appears from the hole. It shoots out from the hole like a bullet and strikes JOSHUA in the face with force. CHANCE arrives behind the MONSTER and begins firing at it while yelling out. The MONSTER drops JOSHUA and turns to face CHANCE. MILBURN arrives by CHANCE and pushes him out of the way. He then fires his flame thrower and the MONSTER is soon engulfed in flames. It screeches out in pain and pushes MILBURN out of the way and speeds for the open ramp and falls off the edge.

CHANCE rushes over to JOSHUA and checks his body.

CHANCE Shit. Sorry buddy

MILBURN begins choking and falls to his knees.

SHAW and HOLLOWAY arrive at the side of the ROVER and stand over MILBURN. MILBURN begins screaming out in unearthly screeches. He lunges out at HOLLOWAY and throws him against the wall. He then hits SHAW causing her to fall to the ground. He then turns to CHANCE and runs for him. MILBURN has CHANCE pinned to the ground and begins punching down hard smashing through CHANCE'S helmet smashing it. MILBURN hits CHANCE on the face more than a dozen times till CHANCE'S face and skull is flattened. HOLLOWAY limps over to MILBURN and hits him on the HELMET smashing it. MILBURN lunges up at HOLLOWAY and pins him to the wall. MILBURN opens his mouth and his mutated tongue comes out. His tongue is long and brown with green dots. Suddenly the bottom of his chin rips open and MILBURN sticks the tongue into HOLLOWAY'S mouth and down his neck. HOLLOWAY begins choking. SHAW reaches for CHANCE'S pistol and aims it at MILBURN and begins firing. MILBURN roars as he backs away.

SHAW Get out of here!

A gasping HOLLOWAY crawls away. SHAW fires several more shots but this time hitting MILBURN in the right side of his head blowing it off but he doesn’t die. He looks at SHAW before running toward her. immediately drops the pistol and climbs into the ROVER and closes the door.


SHAW screams in panic as something bangs against the door.


FIFIELD is standing next to the ROVER. He spots SHAW climbing into the cockpit.

FIFIELD Shaw what's happening?

SUDDENLY MILBURN appears on the roof of the ROVER and looks down at FIFIELD. It then jumps off the roof toward FIFIELD and lands on him pinning him to the ground. VICKERS arrives by them with her flame thrower.

VICKERS Get back! Get away!

VICKERS points her flame thrower. 

JANEK rushes over to her.

JANEK No! Fifields in the way! Vickers, DONT SHOOT!

VICKERS fires and the wall of burning hot flame engulfs both FIFIELD and MILBURN. FIFIELD rolls around screaming whilst the Monstrous MILBURN screeches out and runs over to the side of Rover and tries to climb up to get away from the fire. It then moves around the back of the Rover.


SHAW pulls back the lever and reverses the ROVER.


The rover reverses hitting MILBURN and running over his twisting turning body. She then hits the Rover into the other one. MILBURN crawls out of the ROVER and approaches the ramp. It is no longer on fire. It is however burnt and charred and it's limbs are broken and mangled. It turns to face the ROVER. The ROVER speeds forward and hits MILBURN sending him flying backwards off from the ramp.

SHAW climbs out of the ROVER and joins the others and the 7 survivors meet each other in the centre of the room.

JANEK We'll bury the dead and then we'll get out of here. Any objections?

SHAW We can't leave


SHAW That thing, this alien or Terraformer. It's going to take those weapons David was talking about back to Earth and kill everything. We have to stop it. You all have to stop it. It's going to punish us

JANEK Listen we can't stop that thing. We don’t have any kind of weapons apart from a few flame throwers and a dozen pistols.

SHAW Then we kill the pilot. We have to Janek, we don’t have a choice. Everything and everyone is in danger here. We have to kill it

JANEK Okay. We'll kill it. What's the plan?

SHAW I'm going out. Any volunteers would be nice

JANEK I'm going

SHAW No you need to stay here with the ship. David will you come with me?


HOLLOWAY I'll come with you

SHAW looks over at HOLLOWAY and shakes her head.

SHAW You can't Holloway you're too weak

HOLLOWAY Don't treat me like I'm some idiot Shaw. I may be crippled but I'm already dying and I know it. I'm not leaving this planet either way. I'm going

SHAW Okay then. But grab a helmet Holloway. Janek? Take us down!


RAVEL is alone in the control room.


VICKERS stands at the coffee machine and drinks a glass of milk.


MUDOW waves to the ROVER as it drives down the ramp.


The ROVER exits the ship and begins driving through the near pitch black landscape.


SHAW is driving the vehicle. DAVID and HOLLOWAY are in the back.


JANEK approaches the bag on the bed. He opens it and finds an URN inside. He then walks over to her laptop type device and switches it on. He leans forward and looks at something. Several moments later he stands up and his expression is enraged.

JANEK Lying bitch! He turns and leaves the room.


JANEK presses and holds a button his collar.

JANEK Ravel it's Janek. Get your gun and meet me in the mess hall pronto


RAVEL rushes into the mess hall. He approaches a confused VICKERS.

VICKERS What's wrong?

RAVEL The captain told me to meet him here with my weapon


JANEK'S voice can be heard coming from RAVEL'S suit.

JANEK Ravel keep Vickers there! Don't let her go. She's dangerous

RAVEL frowns in confusion but as he looks up his eyes widen in shock. VICKERS stabs him with a knife several times. RAVEL falls to the ground screaming in pain as blood gushes out of his wounds. She grabs his pistol and stands over him. She fires two rounds into him killing him. JANEK then enters the room but before he can raise his weapon she shoots him four times. He falls to the ground gasping in pain. She walks past him.


VICKERS is still dressed in her skin tight blue Weyland suit as she runs through the corridor. She takes of her top as she reaches a door.


Inside Vickers rushes over to a Chrysler suit.


The rover stops just at the belly of the craft. DAVID, HOLLOWAY and SHAW climb out and approach the craft. The sun is rising and the atmosphere has now risen. Dawn has arrived.


VICKERS enters the cargo bay with her flame thrower. MUDOW waves as she greets her. VICKERS has a large bag over her shoulder. She aims the flame thrower at MUDOW.

VICKERS I'm sorry. I'm so sorry

MUDOW screams and holds out her hands in mercy.

MUDOW Vickers no!

VICKERS fires and MUDOW is then engulfed in flames. She falls to her knees and screams out a blood curling cry.


SHAW leads the trio through the narrow but tall corridor. All three of them eventually arrive at a doorway and DAVID is the first to enter.


VICKERS enters one of the Sarcophagus type capsules and hits a button.


The Cargo Bay begins lowering to the surface.


This large oval shaped room is almost identical to the Temple except it's smaller. It had over a hundred small URNS; each with a small circular eye facing each other. A giant TERRAFORMER head monument is in the centre of the room and it is exactly identical to the one from the temple but this one is much smaller.

SHAW What is this place? It looks like the one we already found

DAVID This is different

HOLLOWAY I'm getting readings of energy in here DAVID turns to face HOLLOWAY whom is looking at the device in his hands.

DAVID What kind of energy?

HOLLOWAY My god! It's antimatter!


The second ROVER drives out of the ship and speeds through the landscape.


JANEK coughs up blood and crawls through the corridor.


DAVID looks back at the monument and walks up to it and touches it. 

SHAW walks over to DAVID.

SHAW David how can we destroy this thing?

DAVID I don't know. I really don't

DAVID turns to face SHAW but his gaze zooms past her toward HOLLOWAY whom is standing at the doorway. SHAW turns around also. HOLLOWAY looks back at them in confusion before turning around also. He begins to gasp in fear and takes several steps backwards as he looks up at something. The Terraformer, unmasked and not wearing it's suit looks down at HOLLOWAY. It's face and head is almost human but at the same time looks nothing like a human. It's large oval black eyes are sunk deep into the sockets and doesn't seem to blink. It has a nose resembling a Boxer's nose. It's mouth is small and thin. It's pale white face and balding head has weird markings and the 13 foot tall Alien looks right into HOLLOWAY'S eyes. HOLLOWAY begins gasping in pain and falls to his knees holding his ears and his eyes close tightly and he frowns and groans in pain.

DAVID Kill it!

SHAW runs to the centre of the room with her flame thrower aimed at the Terraformer. The Terraformer picks up HOLLOWAY by the throat and steps deep into the room and it keeps it's eyes locked on SHAW'S. SHAW immediately lowers her weapon and looks at the Beings eyes in awe.

DAVID Shaw what are you waiting for?

The Terraformer drops HOLLOWAY and steps back toward the doorway but never let's it's eyes leave that of SHAW'S. SHAW begins shaking and groaning in pain with her eyes shut tight. She screams!

SHAW There is a god!

The Terraformer very slowly moves it's head side to side.

SHAW You're wrong! You're not my god! No!

DAVID Shaw! Kill it!

SHAW It's inside my head!

DAVID looks around before looking down at his Pick Axe. SHAW'S expression is now in shock and merciful. She brings up the flame thrower and turns slightly to HOLLOWAY whom is struggling to stand up. Her eyes never leave that of the Terraformers but her body and weapon point toward a now confused HOLLOWAY.

SHAW begins shedding tears.

SHAW No! please don't do it! The Terraformer gives a slight unnerving smile.

HOLLOWAY Elizabeth? What are you doing? Elizabeth?


HOLLOWAY then backs up against the wall and holds his hands out in mercy. SHAW screams as she squeezes the trigger. HOLLOWAY lets out a blood cur;ling scream as the wall of fire from her weapon blasts HOLLOWAY engulfing him in fire.

HOLLOWAY Elizabeth!!

HOLLOWAY screams and makes unearthly yells and howls as he falls to his knees in fire. He then falls face first into the ground and doesn't make another noise. Suddenly DAVID armed with the Pick Axe lunges out at the Terraformer and strikes it in the right arm. The Terraformer makes no noise or facial expression. It's control over SHAW is now over. SHAW falls to her knees and begins weeping over what she was forced to do. The Terraformers blood sprays out of the wound and DAVIDS entire right hand is then covered in the greenish yellow blood and not before long his hand begins to melt. The Terraformer grabs DAVID by the neck and lifts him high up in the air. It then throws him to the ground and it's right leg lifts up and stamps down hard into DAVIDS chest crushing right through into the ground beneath DAVID. White fluid explodes from DAVIDS mouth, nostrils, ears and even leaks out from his eyes. His voice is now distorted and almost computerised.

DAVID Shaw! Run!

SHAW runs right past the Terraformer and into the corridor. The Terraformer turns and follows her.


SHAW sprints through the corridor and puts on her helmet in the process.


SHAW is running through this dark bone shaped and slimy corridor. The only light is that from her suit and flame thrower. She stops and turns and fires her weapon unleashing a wave of fire down the corridor. She then turns and continues running.


The Terraformer walks to the front of the Platform and touches the device. It then walks around the platform as the Sarcophagus's rise and in the centre a large chair with a large 'cannon' type mechanism rises from the ground.


The Terraformer head monument begins making loud clicking and clonking noises. The URNS begin to turn to face each other and then suddenly blue beams of light shoot out from the URNS and within seconds all of the beams are connected to one another.


The Terraformer now wearing it's skeletal biomechanoid suit and Helmet approaches the chair and climbs into. The Hose like trunk on it's mask is then connected to the large 'cannon' mechanism in front of it and it's entire suit and helmet is then attached to the chair as if it were 'APART' of the chair. It touches the panel in front of it.


The monuments eyes and mouth light up blue and a Hologram of Earth rises from the small circular platform in the centre of the room. A weak near destroyed DAVID spits his white blood before reaching for a button on his collar.

DAVID Elizabeth it's preparing to take it's cargo to Earth. Do what you have to do and do it now


SHAW jumps from the entrance of the ship and onto the ground. She begins running from the craft and holds the button on her collar.

SHAW Janek can you hear me?


JANEK feebly crawls up and sits at his control seat. He answers the call.

JANEK I can hear you?

SHAW It's the space ship. It's going to leave. It's destination is Earth. We were wrong, we were so wrong. You have to stop it. No matter what happens to us, you have to stop it. Or everyone and everything on Earth will die. YOU HAVE TO STOP IT!

JANEK I got it

JANEK frowns and nods his head.

JANEK No matter what! He makes his way to RAVELS controls and sits by it. He punches in commands.


The engines begin blowing fumes. The ship rises from the ground and rises high up in the sky.


The Derelict begins making a loud engine noise and it's two towering arms rise from the ground till they are facing the sky. SHAW stops running and turns to face the giant alien craft. It then makes a screaming noise as it rises from the ground and speeds toward the sky. The ships engines change direction and the ship begins speeding through the air and eventually comes head to head with the Derelict.


The Rover, now approaching stops and VICKERS gets out of the Rover and begins running toward SHAW. She then stops by SHAWS side and the two women stare up in shock and awe.

SHAW It's Prometheus!

The racing Prometheus speeds toward the 'U' shape craft which is now two miles above the surface.


JANEK lets out a loud war cry as his ship speeds into it.


The ship smashes into the Derelict causing a huge explosion. Although the explosion was large and epic it didn't destroy the Alien Derelict craft but did cause the Derelict to stop dead in it's tracks and begins to fall down to the surface.



Both she and SHAW begin running as large pieces of debris from the Prometheus begin crashing down around them like comets. The large towering Derelict crashes down with it's two Dubai tower sized arms crashing into the ground and then the Giant Alien craft rolls to it's side and eventually rests on it's belly. Both SHAW and VICKERS both are thrown to the ground due to the heavy shock wave. An explosion of flame and plasma rips through the holes of the craft and the craft breaks apart and tumbles to the surface like a ton of rocks. From a birds eye P.O.V we get the full picture of the damage and havoc this epic colossal crash has done. SHAW walks around the wreckage and smoke and flames and confronts VICKERS.

VICKERS You made it

SHAW We're the only one's left?

VICKERS nods her head.

SHAW What do we do now?

VICKERS The Rovers undamaged so I suggest we find somewhere safe to rest up and wait

SHAW Where will we go and wait for what?

VICKERS I've got my universal broadcasting computer. We find somewhere where I can get signal and I'll send an S.O.S The two women head toward the Rover.


The Rover speeds through the road at high speed.


The two women sit inside the cockpit.


The Rover drives over sharp rocks and one of the tires burst.


VICKERS God damn it!

SHAW Stop over there!


The Rover comes to a stop near the large waterfall.


VICKERS sighs and turns to face SHAW.

VICKERS The wheels busted. Just going to go and check it

As VICKERS climbs out of the Rover she leaves behind her large bag. SHAW looks over at the bag and unzips it.


VICKERS stands outside the Rover checking the wheel. She kneels down by it and studies it.


SHAW brings out a laptop type computer and turns it on. She finds it has received a message. She clicks on it and it reads: ELIMINATE ANY POTENTIAL EXPENDABLE THREAT SECURE ALIEN SPECIMEN AND TECHNOLOGY REPLY EXACT CO-ORDINATES FOR EXTRACTION

SHAW closes the laptop type computer and looks around. She then finds a steel container inside the bag and brings it out and opens it. She gasps in shock and places her hand to her mouth. She swallows her emotions and she leans forward and looks once more inside the box. The box is revealed to be an incubator for the mutated alien hybrid baby which is being kept alive. SHAW'S expression turns to rage. She grabs the pistol which is next to the flame thrower.


SHAW exits the vehicle and walks over to VICKERS. SHAW is standing only several metres behind VICKERS. She has the pistol aimed at her.

SHAW It was you


VICKERS stands up, turns and faces SHAW.

SHAW I know what you're trying to do. Take specimens and artefacts back to Earth

VICKERS Shaw think about what you're doing. I'm the only one who can send for help. Put the gun down

SHAW What are you planning on doing with my baby?

VICKERS You're baby?

SHAW I said what!

VICKERS It's an important specimen

SHAW I'm sorry Vickers SHAW shoots VICKERS three times in the chest. She falls to the ground dead. As SHAW walks away VICKERS suddenly appears and attacks SHAW pinning her to the ground. A startled SHAW is then shocked to see white fluid pouring out of the bullet wounds. VICKERS begins choking SHAW. SHAW reaches for her boot and pulls out a knife and she drives the blade into the side of VICKERS head. VICKERS rolls off and begins going into a spasm. SHAW runs over to the ROVER and grabs the flame thrower from the cockpit. She turns to see VICKERS standing up with the pistol. SHAW aims the flame thrower and fires engulfing VICKERS in fire. VICKERS falls backwards and falls off the cliff. SHAW drops the weapon and brings out the box from the cockpit. She opens the box and brings out the Terraformer/human hybrid baby and takes it to the edge of the cliff. SHAW then sits at the edge of the cliff with the baby in her arms. It is moving and making high pitched squeals and moans. SHAW embraces it tightly. She rocks back and forth looking down at it's white beady eyes. She then starts crying and smiling at the same time. Our view begins to drift away from Shaw and her baby.


So in the end God said Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the Earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground

Our view backs away from the waterfall and we get a view of the far away landscape, the atmosphere and the moons and large Planet above.

EXT. ZEUS. SPACE Our view backs away from Zeus and we move around the large Saturn type planet. We then zoom our sight onto another Planetoid. We get closer to it and it is clear that this is a baron lifeless rock.


The atmosphere is primordial and its lava based rocky landscape fills as far as the eye can see. As we hove over this baron landscape we come across a very identical vessel. It's 'U' shape in size and is sitting on a plain of rocky cliffs. We move closer to it and we enter one of three large holes.


We are passing through a long bone shapes and dark slimy corridor. We then face upward and see an entrance into a large oval shapes room.


We are now in the identical room which was found on the previous 'U' shaped craft but instead the four Sarcophagus’s are not present. We approach the large Pilot chair in which a dead Terraformer sits dressed in it's suit and helmet. As we get closer we can see a large gaping hole on it's chest. We slowly back away from it and look down at the platform not far from it and there is a large hole caused by some kind of acid. There is an unearthly hissing and breathing noise. Our view looks up and we are looking at the face of some very nasty organism. It snarls and it's teeth open wide revealing a smaller inner jaw which shoots from inside it's mouth and hits our view.