A MedPod is a 720i self-diagnostic incubator, and is in use in the film Prometheus.

MedPods are an apparatus for self-diagnostic and are fully-automated diagnosis and surgical stations. Made from a titanium alloy, a MedPod features an airtight operating shield, laser scalpel, liquid spray anesthetic and oxygen, carbon-dioxide and nitrogen-oxide supply, these are fully-automated diagnosis and surgical stations and are used on Earth and one also features aboard USCSS Prometheus.

MedPods open from the middle and can be programmed in different ways, a MedPod in Prometheus is used for extracing a creature from inside Shaws' womb, although it is configured for male use Shaw is able to reprogram it for a stomach operation, extracting the creature and leaving it decontaminating in the Med Bay. This creature is squid like and grows rapidly, left unchecked it is ejected with the rest of the Escape Craft and lands on the surface.

FDA Approves MedPod for At-Home Use, since FDA approval (June 30, 2070), one dozen have been produced. MedPod 720i Patented, Weyland Industries earns patent (September 2, 2061) number 16,572,092 for Method and Apparatus for the first fully-automated diagnosis and surgical station.