Escape Craft

Escape Craft

An Escape Craft also referred to as a Life Boat, is a craft attached to the rear of USCSS Prometheus and is used as a means of departure, in the film Prometheus.

An Escape Craft is a Class D Crew Escape Module, a multi-engined transport equipped with manoeuvring thrusters capable of automatic medium-range navigation and landing.

The craft forms part of Vickers' suite, including the stasis units and MedPod Bay. 

This craft is used only once, when Prometheus sets a collision course with the Derelict and just before crashing it is jettisoned and lands safely on the surface.

Shaw goes to the  Escape Craft for supplies after Prometheus collides with the Derelict. There she is confronted by a creature, because an Engineer follows her into the Escape Craft and attacks her she releases the creature from the craft's MedPod Bay which then attacks the Engineer.